Frequently Asked Questions
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What is STG?

STG is "Software Technology Group." We are project oriented software and technology consultants. That means we solve your development problems. We provide software and technology solutions to fit your needs. And our services fit the entire range of software technology. Our motto: “if it’s software, we can do it”.

You describe your problem or you tell us what you want to accomplish, and we deliver the software, service, expertise, or other technology solution to get your job done.

Our task is to create a team, to discuss, manage, design and implement. And we are employee based. We develop understanding and expertise, and retain our skills as a company and as individuals.

Where do STG software development personnel work?

It's up to you. Our software developers and project managers can work at your site or from our Beaverton, Oregon headquarters. Either way, we work with you to ensure that your solution will fulfill your individual software and programming requirements.

Who can use STG's services?

We understand software and we understand the software development process. We are technical and yet, we are very approachable. When Dunn & Bradstreet ranked us at the 92nd Percentile for client satisfaction, it was a testament of our ability to work equally well with the national Fortune 500 companies as well as the local businesses, even smaller business organizations right down the street.

If your business is non-technical in nature, but you need technical expertise to make it perform better for you, we can help. We take the time to understand your business activities and your computing and technology needs.

If you are a large company wishing to supplement your in-house talent for special or to throw a project “over-the-wall” for special or ongoing needs, we can help with that too.

What if you are a government agency, a school, a university, a research institute, or a health-care facility? We can help you identify, build and implement technology solutions that will help your unit produce more at higher efficiency.

Are you an inventor or entrepreneur with a great idea but not enough time or knowledge to turn it into a reality? We can help.

STG employs full-time, experienced developers in a broad array of technical disciplines. Chances are we have the expertise you need to make your project happen, on schedule and to your needs.

How does STG do its job?

Our developers work with you to understand your needs, write a specification, and build an implementation plan. STG then follows rigorous process standards to make sure the product we deliver is what you ordered.

Is STG a small business or a big corporation?

STG is a small business with big britches.

STG qualifies as a small business as defined by the Small Business Administration and by federal, state and local governments. We qualify for set-asides and special programs not available to large businesses. This can be an advantage when you choose STG as your sub-contractor in your government-funded business endeavor.

More importantly, our status as a small business translates into a closer relationship with our clients. This facilitates delivering the right solution, at the right time, and for the right price.

At the same time, we are large enough to maintain a remarkable range of expertise. Our dedicated employees offer services and solutions in software development (PC, mainframe, and handheld devices); network construction, hosting, and administration; telecommunications; wireless and world-wide-web technologies; database design and implementation; and embedded systems (integrated controller software for devices). We also do digital video and audio; biomedical and research process automation; user interface development, including software localization (conversion for use in other languages and countries); and much more.

What is the advantage of having so much expertise?

The power of STG's unusual breadth is only fully realized when your project demands the integration of multiple technology areas. We can do that. We love to do that. Companies that specialize in just one technical area can't, and don't.

What's it like doing business with STG?

When you do business, you want it to be a pleasant as well as productive experience. You want to work with knowledgeable, experienced, and courteous people. The owner/operators of STG founded the company on the principles of honesty, integrity, communication, and customer value. Ten years later, those principles are still the driving force behind STG's internal operations and, most importantly, our relationships with our clients.

Who are STG's clients?

STG's helps diverse clients. We serve individuals, small businesses, large and multinational corporations, technology giants, government agencies, biomedical equipment -manufacturers, schools, researchers, and health-care facilities. Check out or Clients page for more information and testimonials!

Who are the people at STG?

We are experienced and qualified developers. Even the owner/operators are developers. That means you can count on STG to understand and solve your development need at every level.

Who do I contact to find out if STG can help me reach my technology goals?

Use our Contact Form or simply call us at 503.672.9245 to speak to one of our representatives.

When can I call STG?

Our regular business hours are 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday, Pacific time. But, being developers, we're often working "after hours". Be it a team or an individual, we are geeks with a purpose. And that purpose is to work diligently and intelligently to assure your success.