If it's software, we can do it.
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We Are Software Technology Group What does “Software Technology” really mean? At STG we take on programming projects, … but notably our expertise does not end there but includes software projects that encompass hardware, both electronic and mechanical. We are a software firm but with expertise that includes most anything that touches software. We understand software and we understand engineering. We white board with our clients, then create, deliver and deploy powerful software solutions.

See STG highlighted as one of the top 4 “Unforgettable Inventions” in CES 2019.

See the Portland Business Journal’s write up one of STG’s award winning projects

How we can help
Mobile App Development
We are mobile experts, creating standalone mobile apps and apps that act as an adjunct to cloud and application support.
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Project Consulting
We know project development and our job is to ensure success.
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UI / UX Design
We create the image you wish to portray, from nuanced messages to functional engineering workflow.
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Legacy Modernization
We take legacy code to refresh, revitalize and reinvigorate.
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Automation Controls
We are adept taking hardware and making it run. And we bridge the gap of hardware and software development.
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Quick Prototyping
When seeing is the first step to believing.
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Cloud Computing
Cloud computing is supported as a seamless road to deployment.
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Internet of Things (IoT)
We allow connectivity and data exchange on any of our embedded development.
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Continuous Integration / Development
We are adept at fully automating the process of build, release, spinning up VMs, automated testing, automated evaluation, and automated response to developers and QA staff for re-direction or sign-off.
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web / data portals
We design websites that meet your stand-alone or integrated needs, and include data resources for the user and end-client.
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Mechanical Engineering
We are experts at Project Management … and Product Management too.
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Hardware & Firmware
More than just software, we also can handle embedded controls, PLCs, board design and automation.
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We have intrinsic skills in the development of biomedical devices and software arena including all classes of medical devices and HIPAA compliant systems
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We take on robotic projects to enhance and fully utilize the strengths of electromotive systems.
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STG has worked in support of logistics in the coordination of people, facilities and supplies
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STG is working in retail support from distribution to commerce.
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Government & Law enforcement
STG is pre-certified to support software development services for government agencies.
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We work to take materials and transform them into end products through process and automation control.
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Client Success
Gelatin shot maker
The Jell-O Shot project is one of our claims to fame. The goal was to produce jello-shots on demand, quickly in a commercial setting.

Fill up a reservoir with alcohol, insert a Keurig-type pod with gelatin and flavoring, press a button on the screen … and 8 minutes later you have 20 ready-to-eat Jell-O Shots.

The product development included Web and data portals, embedded and firmware design, hardware design. The IOT of the design is intended to know of issues long before the client experiences an issue or runs short of supplies.
Hewlett Packard
STG has taken on over a dozen projects supporting HP, from software tools used throughout HP-global, to software process tools, to B2B software support.

Projects include FlexTool which is a software tool used throughout the HP organization.
The Enhanced Visitor Experience (EVE) brings the museum patron a heightened participation and experience, letting them be involved in what occurs behind the scenes. The information that is timely and entertaining, allowing a static experience to be enhanced with video, audio and text.

The mobile app works with beacon technology allowing involvement to be intimately location based. Beacon solutions work especially well in locations where GPS signals are weak or compromised, and have the beautiful form factor of a button.

The App is deployed to iTunes and GooglePlay and incorporates a more intricate form of revenue generation than normal App Store solutions. And all this to create enhanced ROI for the museum and “age” and “detail” appropriate content for the user.
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