Case Studies

Gelatin Shot Maker

The project that everyone loves.

We were approached by a client to take over a project that didn’t work. A very large consulting company had created a product that was 85% functional. The system worked but seemingly only when you tilted your head … just so.

So we became the developers for the next generation Jell-O shot machine. The ultimate goal:

  • Fill a reservoir with alcohol
  • Add a Keurig-type pod with gelatin and flavoring
  • Press a button the screen
  • Eight minutes later have twenty fully chilled and ready to eat Jell-O shots.

It had to work and it had to be reliable, and it had to produce to a quality that would be the envy of any bartender.

The product included hardware design, embedded development, UI/UX, IOT and a data portal to know the production and consumables at any given time, and to know of issues even before the client might infer. For our work we won a Small Business Innovation Award from the Portland Business Journal. Quoting from the article, “We’ve done these incredible biomed technical projects, but I wasn’t a hero to my son until I did Jell-O shots”.

Armorer Link

Working with a client with a well thought out PowerPoint presentation of where they wished to go. The company, run by a retired police Detective, wished to create a comprehensive system built around tracking firearms. There are inventory database systems out there but the focus here has always been … on the firearm.

From a process standpoint, firearms are assigned to an armory and issued to officers. Firearms require maintenance and usage tracking. The officer requires training and certification in addition to a plethora of equipment and supplies. The Armorer requires repair processes, scheduling, supplies, inventory and auditing capabilities.

And this Software as a Service (SaaS) solution will continue to be intuitive and straight-forward to use … and is intended for growth and refinement with an eye always towards the real customer.

The product has won intrinsic kudos for being designed by a police officer for law enforcement agencies. It has been Software Technology Group’s task to convey into software the design process for our clients, but most import to include the essence of what they wish to produce.

Hewlett Packard

Under the auspices of no project is too large or too small, … so long as it is part of building a relationship … is our work for Hewlett Packard.

STG was brought in to work with the HP printer development team to create a new system for developing and debugging ink printers, and which could also be used for testing and validation in the manufacturing environment. The tool (FlexTool) became part of HP’s move to a new internal language (Lidlware) and has been used throughout HP.

Through the course of 4 years and numerous upgrades and branches, STG created the HP FlexTool product that is used throughout the world for HP facilities developing inkjet solutions. The product has three tiers:

  • Development for firmware engineers who require the largest amount of nuanced or spewed data
  • Development for mechanical engineers who require functional development and testing
  • Development for test engineers who wish to test up to 16 printers synchronously or asynchronously.

The user can set watchpoints and breakpoints and can change code on the fly.

This project development was an effort of almost $5M and led to more than 15 other projects for HP.