Embedded & Hardware Development
Embedded & Hardware Development
Board design:
Expert Analog and Digital design.
Design simulation (Spice).
Layout including high-speed SerDes and DDR.
Board bring-up.
Embedded software development:
Device driver development (USB, Serial Rapid IO, SPI, I2C, ADC, DAC, UART, DMA, etc).
Expertise with many OS-technologies: Linux, SYSBIOS, QNX, FreeRTOS, etc.
Low-power devices which can run for years on a small battery for sensing applications.
Assembly, C and C++.
SoC technology used from ARM, TI, ST, Atmel, Microchip, Motorola, Intel, Cypress (PSoC).
Digital signal processing:
Realtime cross Correlation.
Digital filtering (FIR, IIR)
Audio processing: Dolby D/E encoding and decoding, G.711, Normalization, fading effects.
Modulation and De-modulation.
Linux (Kernel) development:
Bootloaders (U-Boot, DBG).
Kernel drivers: PCIe, ADC, SPI, I2C, DMA, firmware-loading, etc.
Automated build-environment: Extensive Make-flow using Automake, Qmake and others.
Complex user-space applications: POSIX threading, multi-core applications.
  • Designing, installing, commissioning industrial control systems: PLCs, Human Machine Interfaces, RFID & Barcoding, Industrial Networks, Servo Motion, Robotics.
  • Strong partnerships and cross development success with mechanical and electrical design.
  • Industries Include: Semiconductor, Robotics, Medical, Manufacturing, Material Handling, Wood Products, Food Processing and Refrigeration Control Systems.