Continuous Integration / Continuous Development

Software Technology Group is adept at CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Development), fully automating and enhancing the CI/CD process:

  • Build
  • Release
  • Spinning up VMs
  • Launch of automated testing
  • Automated evaluation
  • Automated response to developers and QA staff
    • Re-direction
    • Sign-off

CI/CD is comparable to getting on a train and re-awakening when your destination has been reached.

From one of our clients, STG was tasked with taking a legacy test management system and creating a TFS complete solution. Files would be checked in for release and the system would build, release and run over 20,000 tests a day. The system can then support physical layer solutions and test interaction with mobile and IoT.

And we support the process of developing additional features in software and process.

As an adjunct, STG is also adept at creating “containers” to allow all deployment and CI/CD processes to occur in their own environment, working in an isolated but re-creatable environment.