Legacy Modernization

Software Technology Group is adept at taking code and breathing into it new life. We evaluate the content and the maturity of the code. We develop an understanding of the software as it stands and the product as it is wished. We design a plan to accomplish all the tasks and to create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to allow the client to be up and running at the earliest possible time.

Legacy modernization projects include:

  • Taking a product that was relegated to overseas sustaining, that was developed to “what has been asked for” and develop to “what is the need“ … and in the process creating workable code.
  • Taking a USGS robot running under Windows NT with encrypted communications and creating a modern Windows based system that breathes new life into a critical platform.
  • Receiving legacy software and a gaming console for a Seattle based technology company and reverse engineering a Requirements Specification to allow the client to continue development on a product with no documentation.
  • Taking a camera control product and separating the UI layer from the camera and motor control layer.
  • Upgrading databases from archaic database solutions to support in MySQL and SQL Server.
  • Adding security controls and encryption to a system that failed its security audit.
  • Taking code for a medical hardware development company (developed in Pascal) and enhancing to take new production recipes into the software.

And these are just a small few of the projects in which STG has taken on fully working, partly working and non-working software to refresh and revitalize them into modern applications.