Some of Our Clients
and how we've helped them

World’s largest dental chair company. Performed QA on pre-installation of ERP system.

Previous work included:

  • Quality Testing and FDA submittals for a dental steam sterilizer
  • Development of embedded controls for chair movement
Agility Fuel Systems

Company that converts trucks form Diesel to CNG or LNG. Created a kiosk (dedicated notepad) that acts as a pseudo gas gage for trucks converted to natural gas. Takes pressure vessel information and temperature readings off the tanks and displays mpg equivalents.

  • Secondary screen displays all CNG and LNG stations within the mileage range of the vehicle.
  • Tertiary screen takes all J1939 data off the CAN Bus (via Bluetooth) and displays truck issues, warnings and mileage or calendar based Preventive Maintenance.
All Service Moving

All Service Moving is Portland based boutique moving company. Created a software plugin to MoverSpace to allow crew allotment and scheduling. Includes crew mix, credentials and interlocks. STG presently hosts the system.

Associated Oregon Loggers

Oregon based Trade association. STG took over web upgrades and content support.

Borton Fruit

Created a barcode enabled mobile app to track produce bins in the process from entering a warehouse, forklift movement, storage and shipping.

China Delight

Simple restaurant website and on-going updates. We enjoy supporting our local businesses.

Cipher Engineering

Cipher Engineering tasked STG to create the Vape software to control an electronic cigarette.


Worked with the board developer (Controltek) to create a testing kiosk. Product is a Gateway system with many nodes with sensors. The nodes detect temperature, humidity and moisture above set limits. Any alarm condition and the nodes transmit to the hub, which disseminates the information to a web portal.

DMH Doors

Support of software needs associated with an automated cabinet door manufacturing company. Support cutting performance, order optimization, integration of orders and invoicing integration with Quickbooks.


Created a mobile app for a shop floor integrated fabrication management system. Allows shop floor techs to view real-time manufacturing orders and requirements.


Responsible for firmware and software in a Distributed Vibration Sensor device that uses a fiber optic cable buried with a pipeline, and allows monitoring and real time security sensing of tampering, ground vibrations and pipe tampering. Device is a pulsed laser input and digital signal processing at the output. System is tested with 40 km of fiber optic cable to localize and analyze the issue.

Franklin Controls

Supporting all aspects of software and firmware development to ensure on-time delivery of Franklin’s next generation HVAC control device. Working on:

  • Bootloader support for STM32 and TIVA processors
  • GUI system development
  • API validation
  • Test Stand/LabView validation and production support
  • Project Management
Food and Beverage Innovations

Device to make Jello-shots. STG is responsible for HW, FW, SW and the web portal.

System includes:

  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Heater
  • Peltiers – solid state chillers
  • Sensors
  • Aluminum Chiller block
  • Fans

HW configuration consists of:

  • Multi-core Intel processor for GUI function
  • Host Controller board
  • LED controller board
  • Communication via RS-232/USB

STG developed a National Instruments LabView test system to:

  • Ensure component operation
  • State machine performance
  • Quantification of chiller operation
General Glass

Created distinct projects of:

  • Glass laser etching system based on the Domino laser with data pulled from an existing ERP system
  • Shop floor tracking of panes and breakage
  • FEDEX-lite: a 4G and GPS based truck delivery software package to barcode and track items to be delivered, optimize delivery drive routing, allow back-office Real Time delivery tracking, support text messages to client as delivery truck arrives within 5 mile radius, allows line item signature or rejection of delivered items and sends invoicing and re-ordering of items on signature.
Grass Valley Group

Supported a team in DSP and Firmware development for putting DOLBY on a chip.


Supported several projects at Intel

  • Creating a mini Netflix-type system to allow Intel sales to be directed and able to download training videos and documents.
  • Developing a system to allow each Intel PC to be a conference center, agnostic to whether they choose Lync, Skype, GotoMeetings, Webex, SPARK, TelePresence, Jabber, etc
Micro Systems Engineering

MSEI is the engineering arm of Biotronik, the implantable pacemaker company.

MSEI tasked STG with evaluating a PLC based electroplating system they had purchased on the used market. STG created a re-use and development plan for using the device in the engineering research and development process.

Later tasked with ongoing pacemaker support.

Pulse Health, LLC

Development of the vertical of a device for breath analysis of aldehydes and the supporting HIPPAA compliant website. The device allows pressure monitoring of the patient’s breath to allow 3L of air outflow and the capturing of the resultant particles. A capsule in the capture mechanism is mechanically fractured and the captured particles auto-fluoresce with brightness proportional to the captured particles.

Using iOT the device uploads the diagnostic information to a web portal that disseminates the patient data to web services in the country of the patient’s nationality. Swim lanes of viewing data are set for:

  • The Patient
  • The Physician
  • The Clinic
  • The Distributor
  • The Administrator
RedTail Golf Center

One of STG’s longest term clients. We've supported RedTail through two generations of website deployment, including:

  • Retail Support
  • Lesson Management
  • Signups and Registration
  • Integration with:
    • Range Monitoring (ball launch tracking)
    • Game Golf (mobile on course play monitoring)
  • Secure Data Portals
Sharp Labs

Proposed full development and ended taking on the QA of a proprietary (and still under wraps) autonomous vehicle. Supporting testing on Command and Control and imaging.


Created web page control of wifi routers, sold in to the Canadian market by ISP’s for home use.

Socket Mobile

Web development of an e-commerce site for information and sale of barcode reading products.

St Jude Medical / Abbott Labs

Multiple on-going projects

1) Developed code for legacy auto winding medical leads manufacturing system to add new features.

2) Supported development of a smart lead system.

3) Creation of mechanical system for water cooling the wirecoating process.

Stevens Water Monitoring

Web based system to configure the water monitoring device and control communications for satellite upload of polled water and environmental data. Systems are deployed in remote locations that cellular communications would not support.

USGS – Vancouver Volcano Monitoring Group

USGS had a CRS robot that ran Windows NT. It was referred to as the God-machine because if it went down, life as they knew it in their office would be over. Rock samples from throughout the US are weighed and measured using this robot. CRS recommended a new robot, but STG broke the pseudo encrypted communications protocol and created a Window 7 based solution.

Subsequent work has been requested for sustaining and minimal feature enhancement.


Vesticon is a company that specializes in neuro-vestibular diagnosis and treatment of vertigo. STG supported feature enhancement of the Omniax large scale, multi-axial patient positioning system and developed the hardware and software for the Tulio device, to use micropressure air bursts on the ear-drum to support diagnosis of particle location in the vestibular system.