STG General Projects

Clear Device Diagnostic Tool

Clearwire Corporation

Vendor support tool for assessing health of consumer and commercial Wifi and WiMax hubs. This is a major cost center for CLEAR, with many systems returned with little oversight. The designed software validates operation of the device with fast firmware testing and validation, assurance of device speed and metrics, assurance of 4G connectivity and benchmarks, and automatic upload of testing to the Clearwire service center.

Further implementation will include hooks to salesforce.com and automatic generation of return documentation and oversight of payments to vendors. The project was brought to STG for our ability to both manage a project, design the product and implement the design. The project was a high visibility product that started with vendor test sites and became a release to all vendor support sites across the US.

The client has received kudos for the ease of use of the product and the project was on schedule and on budget, something the client could not have received with internal resources. Work was in C# with an SQL database. Interface was also allowed to Salesforce.com. The software tested each member of the different 4G hubs and further work is continuing to support new entries into ClearWire’s family of WiFi/WiMax.