STG General Projects



Design and implement of a core application for HP. The software is used intrinsically for HP design and development engineers to develop all new printer variations The design is an IDE (Integrated Design Environment), allowing firmware engineers, mechanical engineers, QA engineers and testers to develop in an environment at their level of functionality and understanding. The software, named FlexTool, has been backported to PCL and All-In-One printers. The software is written in Visual Basic and Visual C++.

Created Use Cases, Requirements Specification, Project timelines, QA and Test plans, release schedules, Installation guidelines, customer support hotline, on-site support, problem reports and bug tracking, QA and Test. The project is on-going and viable, and the success of the work for the printer group has led to multiple projects with other HP groups. STG runs a 5x7 day hotline for issues and questions, we staff an on-site help desk, a run training for HP engineers, and we create a quarterly newsletter for the FlexTool User’s Group.