STG General Projects


SNUPI Technologies

Snupi Gateway is a Gateway system with many nodes with sensors. The nodes detect temperature, humidity and moisture above set limits. Any alarm condition and the nodes transmit to the hub, which disseminates the information to a web portal. STG developed the testing configuration centered around Agilent Test equipment.

  • Agilent 34970 Data Acquisition Unit
  • Agilent 53210A Frequency Counter
  • Agilent 33521B Signal Generator
  • Agilent E3632A Intelligent Power Supply

The test system host was a Windows Surface. A software wrapper of C# code allowed user interaction and automated control of the equipment. Actual control of the equipment was through Agilent SCPI commands. The Test System allowed the technician to:

  • Download firmware via Aardvark I2C/SPI Adapter
  • Calibrate system components
  • Validate antenna operation and wifi communication
  • Test functionality and operating parameters with feedback to the operator and data storage to a portal